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Coexistence and Safety Regulations 

Palos Verdes SW Nudist Camp.


Declaration of Principles

The purpose of this regulation is to establish rules of coexistence between the inhabitants of the   property "Palos Verdes Campo Nudista SW", and to provide for the protection of people and property._cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b -136bad5cf58d_

Every Competitor, purchaser of subscription, occupant of parcels and occupants of Cabins, undertakes to respect it, comply with it, and enforce it for the sake of a peaceful coexistence, and respect for the rights of others._cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b- 136bad5cf58d_

Any action that violates the principles herein supported, even if it is not included in the particular provisions that are listed below, will be sanctioned in accordance with the provisions of the eighth chapter.

enforcement authority

The enforcement authority of the regulation is the Administration of the SW Palos Verdes Nudist Camp carried out jointly and indistinctly by Mrs. Stella Maris Nannini; Mr. Hernán Urbano; Dr. Gabriel Weinberg and Mr. Alberto Foreal Rodriguez.-

 The Administration may modify these regulations tending to improve them as indicated by experience, safeguarding the principles set forth in the preceding declaration and any other reason that contributes to the peaceful and harmonious coexistence of the Field and their habitants.

 The Administration is the only authority that will resolve conflictive situations that may arise in accordance with the Law, and based on this regulation, decisions that  will be communicated to those involved, being the same unappealable by users.

 The measures and/or decisions of general application adopted  by the Administration se  will be notified through the website and will be distributed electronically to the email address indicated for this purpose by each attendee, plot tenant and/or Cabin tenant, each user being bound by said means to comply. 

The modifications to the present, measures and/or decisions of general application as well as the exclusions in case of proceeding will be disseminated  on the website and on the billboards, located both in the administration of the Field and in the White Building (buffet).

Particular provisions.

1.- Access, guard, identification, permits, authorized.

1.1.- The guard is responsible for controlling the entry and exit of all persons, goods, and things to the property. Likewise, it will control compliance with the provisions of this regulation and the decisions that the Administration makes in this regard.

The entrants when presenting themselves at the access will specify the time of permanence in the property. They will be identified with access bracelets (various colors depending on the length of stay), they will be removed at the time of discharge by security personnel. .

1.2.- The guard identifies those who enter, requesting an identity card and/or national identity document and/or driver's license issued by the competent authority, which must inevitably be in force, recording their name and document number on the entry form and exit. Likewise, it identifies and registers the vehicle, visually checking the trunk and interior both upon entry and exit.

The guard is empowered to deny access, reserving the Administration the right of admission to the property.

 In the case of suppliers or personnel who provide services of any kind, the guard will verify that they are duly authorized by the Administration, and is empowered to control the goods that they introduce and withdraw from the Field._cc781905- 5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

All season ticket holders and, where appropriate, their guests have free access to the property, paying the entry corresponding to the entry category and showing a valid identification document.

1.3.- The suppliers and personnel who provide services will not have access to the Field outside the permitted hours, namely: Monday to Friday from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m.; Saturdays from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m.

1.4.- The Administration is expressly empowered to modify the schedules as it deems convenient, disseminating said modification on the billboards.

1.5.- The tenant who lends or invites people to  his cabin or plot must inform with 72 hours. in advance to the Administration the identities of the guests and the time of the visit, leaving the respective entry permit to be considered by the Administration.

1.6.- The Administration of Campo Palos Verdes reserves the right of admission and permanence of guests and attendees.

2.- Internal circulation

2.1.- The movement of people on foot through the common spaces and streets is free, except in the sectors where security cameras are installed, namely: the access gate and its adjacencies.

 Any form of restriction or obstruction to the community use of circulation spaces, sidewalks and shoulders is prohibited.

 In case of violation of this rule, the obstacles will be removed at the expense of the person responsible, and the Administration  is empowered to terminate the lease.

The conservation of plots and/or cabins is the responsibility of the lessee.

2.2.-  Vehicle entrants have the obligation to inform the Administration of all their identification data.

Vehicles that are not in national, provincial and municipal regulatory conditions to circulate, that do not have civil liability insurance, that generate annoying noises, or that produce harmful exhaust gases are not allowed to enter the property.

2.3.- The vehicles that circulate within the property have a speed limit of 10 km/h. In case of violation of this limit, the driver of the vehicle is liable to a fine equivalent to the value of 10 liters of Nafta Infinia YPF

2.4.- In no case can vehicles circulate outside the limits demarcated to the streets, nor can they park on them. Parking is done only in the spaces assigned for that purpose. Failure to comply makes the offender subject to the fine expressed in 2.3.-

The  administration is expressly empowered to fine the offender who  parks on the streets; that totally or partially hinders circulation,  that is parked outside the property corresponding to the plot and/or cabin that it occupies, and/or that is parked on the shoulder, sin_cc781905-5cde- 3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ la  prior and express  authorization from the Administration._cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3bcf-1358bad5

2.5.- Every driver of a motorized vehicle must display, at the sole request of the guard personnel and/or the one expressly designated by the Administration, their qualifying and current driver's license and vehicle identification. Otherwise, its circulation will be prevented, without prejudice to the corresponding sanctions as established in section 2.3.-

2.6.- Any type of construction / obra  is strictly prohibited, both in plots and in Cabins.

2.7.- The grills in plots and cabins must be of the mobile type (Chulengo). Those built prior to the drafting of this Regulation are excepted from this provision.

2.8.- The separation of the plots will have a fence (format and color to be determined by the Administration) that will be in charge of the tenants, the existing ones of cane must be gradually replaced

3.- Annoying noises

3.1- It is the common objective of the Camp to maintain tranquility and peace, characteristics of the countryside area in which the Property is located, so it is the obligation of every person to contribute to the protection of these values by refraining from producing by any means noise that disturbs the same.

3.2.- Social gatherings of up to 25 people can be held within the limits of the White Building (buffet) during the framework hours from 10 pm to 4 am. previous reservation of the same and payment of the corresponding canon, taking into account the principle established before, and the music will be broadcast at a prudent volume.

3.3.- Failure to comply with point 3.2 will cause disciplinary sanctions to the organizer of said meeting, who will be restricted from holding events for a period to be determined by the Administration. In case of recidivism, the Administration is empowered to impose a fine of section 2.3 or final expulsion and perpetual impediment to entry to the property of the offender.

3.4.- In case of ostensible and serious transgressions, of any kind, the complaint must be expressed verbally and urgently to the guard, being the power in such cases of the guard and/or the Administration, to immediately stop the source of conflict, without prejudice to applying the corresponding sanctions.

3.5.- Acts that disturb the tranquility of the residents of the property and assistants, that violate normal coexistence, morality and good customs are not allowed.

The organization of events (parties, musical diffusion et,) by the attendees, and tenants of plots and Cabins is prohibited, this attribution is exclusive to the Property Administration.- 

The meetings regulated in point 3.2.- are not included in this article.

4.- Animals

4.1.- It is strictly prohibited for attendees and subscribers to enter the property with any animal, Palos Verdes is a protected area for animals that live or transit within its limits and it is not convenient to approach other species even if they are domestic and of small size.

4.2.- The hunting of animals and birds of any kind and by any means is prohibited throughout the Campo Palos Verdes area, as well as touching or in any way disturbing those who are in the neighborhood for any reason, and in particular to the birds of the lagoon.

4.3.- The breeding of animals of any kind (eg birds, rodents, reptiles, etc.) is prohibited. The Administration is expressly excepted from the scope of this provision, as long as it proceeds to the breeding and/or reproduction of animals in order to maintain and repopulate the existing fauna in the enterprise (rabbits, ducks, otters, etc.), according to the spirit of the enterprise, and as soon as it observes the sanitary conditions of law.

5.- Common parts and sports facilities. Generalities.

5.1.- Access

 Those who owe rents and/or installments cannot use the facilities mentioned below.

5.2.- White Building (buffet)

5.2.1- The White Building is a meeting and recreation place for the Competitors, and its use is adapted to the following rules and those that, if applicable, those established in the future by the Administration, as indicated by experience.

5.2.2.- Competitors can invite to the White Building respecting the maximum of twenty-five (25) people per group.

5.2.3.- If a Competitor wants to hold a social gathering inviting a greater number than the previously stipulated,  o  usar_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad9_fc5el5c5 -5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ Edificio Blanco  en  forma  exclusiva,  debe solicitar_cc781905- 5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ authorization  especial  a_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf) Administration with less than seven days in advance of the event, no less than seven days in advance of the event and be subject to the special regulations issued for such cases. It is the exclusive power of the Administration to grant -or not- the use in these terms. In this case, the Administration is authorized to charge for the use of the facilities and to request, if deemed necessary, reinforcement of Camp vigilance charged to the user.

5.2.4.- The operating hours are established by the Administration and posted on billboards.-

5.2.5.- Prohibitions: In the space of the White Building and during the hours of use of the Restaurant, drinks or food cannot be entered. Smoking is strictly prohibited in this area. 


5.3.- Billboards:  

All provisions, modifications, restrictions and/or prohibitions related to common parts are displayed on billboards on the property.

5.4.- Solarium and pool.

5.4.1.- It is not allowed to have sexual relations in and around the pool.

5.4.2.- It is mandatory to shower before using the swimming pool.

5.4.3- It is forbidden to enter the pool and its adjacencies with glass containers (bottles, glasses, etc.)

5.4.4- The music in the Solarium and pool sector is reserved solely for the Course Administration.

6.- Forestation; pruning, removal, felling, etc.

6.1.- The conservation, care, and increase of plant species is a rule of fundamental importance in the Field, so any conduct that violates these principles will be unacceptable and duly penalized.

6.2- No person may damage or cut down trees or remove plants from their plot and/or cabin unless the Administration grants  in advance  and_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b -136bad5cf58d_ expresses a  authorization  for this purpose.

6.3. Without prejudice to what is established in the previous point, whenever possible the transplant is carried out before felling, cutting, or extracting a species of any kind.

6.4.- Every tree that is felled must be replaced by two similar species, with a minimum height equal to fifty percent of the one removed.


7.- Maintenance - Waste

7.1.- Plot and cabin tenants must at all times keep their lots, with short and neat grass, weeded, arranged and watered their plants, 

It is expressly established that if the provisions established for the maintenance of plots are not observed, the Administration will notify the tenant so that within ten (10) days he proceeds to strictly comply with them. If it is not fulfilled within said period, the Administration will proceed to apply a fine equivalent to 10 liters of Nafta Infinia YPF and will reiterate the summons to comply with the obligations  within a period of five (5 ) days. Once said period has expired, the administration is empowered to proceed with the regularization of the state of the plot and/or cabin, as established in these regulations, carrying out all the activities and expenditures necessary for this purpose at the expense of the landlord. The Tenants, give their express and advance agreement with the tasks that the Administration executes -by itself or by third parties-, and with the amounts that are disbursed. The tenant must pay the expenses made as a condition for his new entry to the property. 

7.2.- Household waste must be packed in appropriate, closed bags, and deposited in waste baskets, from 8:00 p.m. to 8:00 a.m.

8.- Sanctions

8.1.- Violation of any of the provisions of this regulation may be sanctioned by the Administration through the application of warnings, fines, restrictions of use -for a determined time-, prohibition of access -for a determined time-, expulsion and others that in the future are determined, according to the power of the Administration to reform the present. 

The greater the seriousness of the offense, the greater the scope of the sanction whose graduation and application will be the exclusive spring of the  Administration.

 The lightest sanction is a warning, and the most serious, permanent expulsion. The seriousness of the offenses may give rise to one or more sanctions, and the Administration may order their joint or separate application.

In any case, the choice of the sanction(s) is the sole discretion of the Administration, taking into account the seriousness of the infraction, the person's background, and possible recidivism.

8.2.- Warning: Consists of a verbal and/or written reprimand or warning.

8.3.- Fine: The monetary equivalent of 10 liters of Infinia Nafta from YPF

8.4.- Restriction of use: The administration may temporarily prohibit the use of common and/or sports facilities or some of them, in the case of infractions that affect the provisions applicable to those assets._cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b- 136bad5cf58d_

8.5.- Prohibition of access and expulsion: The administration may prohibit access to the Course and expel from it any person who commits infractions whose seriousness, in its opinion, affects the principles established in the declaration that supports these regulations. This sanction may be applicable in particular to attendees, tenants, guests, suppliers, service providers and in general to persons outside the Field.- For this purpose, the Administration keeps a register of excluded persons.

9.- Other provisions

9.1.- It is prohibited to carry out any type of publicity and/or promotion of private and/or public activities, and in particular real estate, within the property. It is strictly prohibited to post and/or display promotional posters of any kind. 

Since the Campo as a whole is private property, landlords and cabin tenants are prevented from posting any type of sign.

9.2.- It is forbidden to carry out any type of sport or sports games outside of the specific places designated for it.

10.- Jurisdiction

10.1 Due to the domicile of the Administration, any controversy that could be caused by compliance with this Regulation, intervenes the ordinary Civil Courts of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires; excluding any other jurisdiction or jurisdiction that may correspond.

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